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Swift-Automatic Changeover Cum Current Limiter

Model : ACCL

Price : 0.00

Description :
ACCL Models Single Phase 3 Phase EB – Single Phase Gen 3 Phase EB – 3 Phase Gen Models Sutiable Model may be chosen depending on the application and circuit wiring.

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These days, Multistoried flats and apartments are mostly equipped with back-up Generator due to frequent Power cuts. When the Main Supply is ON,SWIFT ACCL allows full load connected to EB supply. In the event of Mains (EB supply) failure,the back-up Generator is Switched ON.

Since the Generators are not installed to the full capacity,only essential loads are allowed while running the Generator. If Overload occurs SWIFT ACCL switches OFF the Generator supply to the permises. Only when the load is reduced to a specifed limit, it continues to give the Generator supply for the essential loads automatically.