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Luminous ILST 8036 60AH Tubular Battery

Model : ILST 8036

Price : 0.00

Description :
The Abuse resistant Batteries require minimum maintenance and have electrolyte level indicator. These batteries recharge very fast and Provides Power Backup suitable for areas that suffer from frequent and long power cuts. These batteries are designed with thicker positive plates and more electrolyte volume than normal batteries to withstand power outage.

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Details :
  • 60AH, 12V @ C20 Rating Tubular Battery for Inverter UPS
  • Lead Acid Storage Type
  • 36 months* warranty ( 18 months Free replacement + 18 months Pro-rata warranty )
  • Long Lasting Performance.
  • Best suited for areas with short and rare power cuts
  • Tubular plate battery - ensures longer service life for deep discharge application
  • Small & Compact Design - Minimum floor occupancy
  • Minimum Maintenance Cost
  • Easy maintenance with Level Indicators.
  • Extremely High purity, Corrosion-resistant 
  • Spine alloy composition ensures Longer Battery service life.
  • Extra Strong and Flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet for higher performance and long life.